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Key Account Manager

Senior Key Accounts Manager

Department: Operations & Land South

Reporting lines: Basildon/ Watford

Hours of Work: 08.30h – 17.30h

Scope/key area of responsibility: Global            

Scope of responsibilities: Financial, Teams, Strategic, Sales           

Scope of responsibilities: Operations, Air/Ocean, Land


Job Summary: Responsible for managing our client’s contract.


Key Responsibilities 

  • Assist the head of Operations and Land South in the execution of their duties in support of the Managing Directors vision of the company to become more competitive and profitable.
  • Understand and execute the department's vision of good business development in order to successfully deliver the clients Contract.
  • Oversee team members, clients, and sub-contractor management in conjunction with SOPs.
  • Line manage team members workload on a day to day basis.
  • Complete all operational activities correctly and on time including financial, legal and invoicing transactions ensuring then clients Europe budgets are adhered to.
  • Oversee all buying and selling activities within Europe and report internal leads to the customer services and sales teams.
  • Account for, authorize, scrutinize and check for accuracy all invoices prior to submitting for payment. Ensure all duties/VAT is charged correctly upon invoicing and collect any monies due in line with SOPs.
  • Follow up late customer payments in conjunction with credit control
  • Always Maintain and utilize the operational system.
  • Implement and improve new efficiencies in customer workflow in conjunction with the line manager
  • Ensure all reports are generated by given deadlines and handed to the line manager.
  • Maintain excellent customer and inter-department relationships at all times giving regular feedback to line manager.
  • Scrutinize all staff timesheets for accuracy including overtime payments prior to submitting for payment.
  • Oversee the general smooth running of the team on a daily basis
  • Provide training, information, supervision, and instruction to new and current members of staff.

Health and Safety     

  • Report all accidents and near misses to the Health and Safety Manager and line manager without delay.
  • Follow the company Health and Safety and Environment policy.
  • Read and follow any risk assessments and safe systems of work.
  • Carryout, record and submit reports following weekly warehouse inspections of walkways general housekeeping, fire exits and office space for any slip, trip or fall hazards and report findings to the Health and Safety Manager.
  • Ensure regular fire alarm testing and evacuation drills are carried out.
  • Attend monthly Health and Safety meetings and communicate outcomes to all staff.
  • Act as the senior fire warden for warehouse.
  • Maintain a record of all equipment inspection requirements ensuring equipment is maintained.
  • Provide PPE for all staff and ensure that staff wear PPE when working.
  • Isolate and report all faulty equipment to the line manager without delay.
  • Maintain good housekeeping of work area at all times.



Business units
Customer Service/Key Account Manager
United Kingdom/Watford, North London

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